Turner Impact & EastPark: Working with CNN / Turner Broadcasting to tell your CSR story

EastPark Drive is working with Turner Broadcasting on their newest project, Turner Impact, to raise awareness about important issues, and the brands that support them. Turner Impact provides a global platform for companies to shine a light on their cause-based efforts, through unparalleled storytelling and distribution. In EastPark’s years of working with brands, NGO’s and non-profits, we found that no major vehicle existed for brands to tell their CRS stories, to a global audience, with integrity. Turner Impact is that vehicle, marrying the purpose of business, with the business of purpose.

Studies show that the vast majority of consumers would switch brands if one brand supported a cause, and the other did not. Consumers are looking for ways their shopping dollars can impact the world. Which is why Turner Impact provides an extraordinary opportunity for companies to engage, inspire, and inform consumers, by sharing their company’s CSR story. Turner Impact employs all of Turner’s social and audience targeting capabilities to reach these consumers, combining content, science, scale, and distribution to leverage data across the Turner network.

Please contact me directly at alevy@eastparkdrive.com to discuss how Turner Impact can tell your CSR story.