Blog – Making Paper Work


I’ve always been an early adopter of technology and still have my Apple Newton to prove it. I have all the bells and whistles, everything I need to be technologically connected and competitive. Lately though, I find myself adding a paper-based system to my process.

My business is all about helping companies explore and develop partnership opportunities. This creates an ongoing stream of information and content, with thousands of entries. Though digital is clearly the best format for searching, cross-referencing, tracking and data capture, I’m finding that for me, the physical act of writing provides perspective, which helps to bring all of this data into focus.

This same concept works for me in every aspect of what I do, whether I’m at my desk, at a meeting, at a conference, or in any business situation. Each time I put pen to page, and sometimes pencil, the ideas seem to flow, and strategies seem to gel. The data comes to life, when I write it down.

I agree completely with David Allen’s concept, that getting ideas out of your head and down on paper is a great way to avoid clutter and anxiety about things in general. He recommends getting quality tools; ones you will want to use.

Presently, though I’m always modifying, I use the Levenger Circa system as my primary notebook for daily notes and master to-do lists. The paper is a joy to write on, and designed for easy removal and insertion. I also use an assortment of Moleskine notebooks for meeting notes, and brainstorming anything from finances to client projects.

Paper really works for me – I encourage you to give it a try. For more information please feel free to contact EastPark at